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Act 1

In the Argle Bargle circus where the circus people play
New and fun adventure happen each and everyday
Let's see what our friends are up to in the Argle Bargle way
Ah, what a lazy bunch we have come upon
What are you guys doing? Just lazing in the sun?
Oh Martha and Marcus! Are you falling asleep?
Senor and Raion too
Even Elle and Rosie!
But Mindy, not mindy
Because as you should know
Mindy that day wanted to put on a show
But to the others the idea was...ah...no
The ringmaster softly explained to his daughter
That there wasn't a soul to even do a show for
Poor Mindy, it's okay, there'll be other days
But wait!
Mindy what are you doing running around?
What's all the paper strewn on the ground?
With you posters in hand and full of joy too
Just what do you have planned for our Argle Bargle crew?

Act 2

Wow look at all the posters, Mindy did a great job
But passing them out might be harder than she thought
Psst! Mindy someone's coming, try handing it out
The man took the paper
then laughed with a shout
No one would ever pay to see a circus so lame!
The man cried out while his laughter he tamed
He walked away grinning, his chuckles insincere
Oh don't worry Mindy, I'm sure you'll get an
Mindy called a crewman and whispered her scheme
She would gather an audience by any means
As Mindy climbed the ladder, her nerves she did prep
She took a deep breath
Then she took her first step
A crowd gathered below as she steadily made her way
Mindy did a small trick and it blew them away
But as she prepared to come down from her pose
Something horrible happened right under her nose
Don't look at the ground mindy! It's not as close as you'd hope
Mindy wobbled in fear and she fell from the rope
The crowd screamed and cried, even let out a yelp
Mindy, hanging for dear life, Hurry call out for help!

Act 3

Mindy hung on tightly though her hands were still slipping
But a man int he crowd saw a sight so uplifting
It was the troupe running forth to save Mindy!
Senor cracked his whip like never before
And raion let out a fantastical roar
Which scared Rory, Rosie, and Jack half to death
they lifted their trucks which rose Elle, Stelle, and Beth
When Marcus and Martha joined into the climb
They hoisted the Ringmaster up just in time
The crowd was ecstatic the Mindy was alright!
Oh what joy! For it is a fact
that you have a great audience to see your new act!
And I know that it's surely safe to say
That our friends will do great things in the Argle Bargle way!


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