Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pepe le Mime and Elli the Elephant (edited)

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Assignment Write-up [1/31/13]

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This is basically just an edit based on critique. During critique I was told of a couple of layering issues that I easily fixed. I was also told that Pepe, the mime, was a little too flat and that he should act a little more. To fix that I added some blinking. The same was said for Elli so I created a sequence of hearts and some small royalty-free elephant noises to add to her cutie factor.
I ran into a lot of issues doing these edits but nothing too complicated that I couldn't work around of solve. There were just a lot of sequencing and timing issues I had with making all of the replacement animation. Also, I wanted Elli to move, but aside from completely redrawing her with moving joints, I couldn't figure out a more simple way to do it. But all in all I think it turned out to be a really successful piece and later I hope to do a lot more in-depth editing to make it a demo reel worthy piece.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pepe le Mime and Elli the Elephant

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Pepe Le Mime and Ellie the Elephant (and replacement bird)

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1/29/13 - Assignment Write-up

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Pepe Le Mime and Elli the Elephant

My process was fairly simple for this assignment. I created the Pepe and Ellie in 2 dimensional form, colored them, and scanned the into photoshop. I then separated all of the parts where the joints were into different layers. From that point on I just uploaded the file into AE and animated it.
Some challenges I faced were fairly difficult. At the beginning I had a hard time piecing together Pepe in photoshop. I also had a fairly difficult time figuring out his hand movements and making his hands match together on the rope. Afterwards I had a really difficult time figuring out where I should place the toggle holds so that everything wasn't moving at the same time. However once those issues where solved it was smooth sailing fromt there. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nina Flame

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A young woman lights the last candle in her room. Romantic music fills the air as she exits.
From that candle wick grows a flame names NINA. She is a beautiful, young, and shy flame that glows a stunning array of white, yellow, orange, and blue. In her hands are two unlit matches and as she looks around, she notices all the other flames have begun their dance. 

  • Character -  Nina, a young candle flame, lit to help set the mood for a romantic evening between two lovers. 
  • Movement -  The swaying movement a candle flame makes
  • Video Element -  Nina's lit matches. The video will be of actual candle flames 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Extra Credit

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Old Extra Credit 

JAMES FULLER, 49, thinning hair and a beer gut. He is a recovering alcoholic just from an AA meeting. But the phone call he'd just received did nothing but put a beer in his hand. 
AUDREY FULLER is a 53 year old woman who is often mistaken for much younger. She has a habit of being hit on by much younger men though her wedding ring shines brightly on her left hand. 
KIMBERLY NORTHCUTT, her daughter, is 34 and also married. She tries hard to calm her bouncing two year old son next to her, balance her newborn daughter on her lap, and keep down the rising irritation of her mother's pursuers.
A young woman named KELLEE' FULLER pants heavily. She is 22 and is trying her best not to slip on her long jeans as her flowing dress shirt billows behind her. 
Her hand closes tightly around a young boy names CHRISTOPER . He is 8 years old. His palms are sweaty and his hand keeps slipping away. 
Hurry up Erica! She's gaining on us!
I'm trying! I'm trying! 
Behind them is a young girl ERICA MARTIN. She is about 20 with long black hair, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. she runs barefoot after Kellee and Chris, her high heeled shoes in one hand and a large laptop in the other. 

New Extra Credit

ANGELA DENTON, 35, long streaked hair, professional pants suit. She sits on the park bench, tired from her long day as a principal of an elementary school. 
Next to her sits PARKER-NIA GORDON, 19, short bobbed hair, and a forlorn looks on her face. She watches her little cousin ANGELA CARTER play happily on a swing set though Parker herself is near tears. 
None of them know of the events about to unfold. 
LILO HILLARD is a 19 year old girl fresh into college. Because she is part Hawaiian she was given the nickname of a cartoon character, but never bothers to introduce herself by her real name. 
MICHELLE CARTER, who is 45, sits across from Lilo in the restaurant booth. She has a very laid back demeanor and a kind smile though her visit to the restaurant is strictly business. 
A gun shot rings though the silence. 
A young girl called DANIELLE WHITE smiles as she fires two more bullets into neighboring cars. She is 10 years old but the psychotic glint in her eyes and smile on her face reveals her much older, and twisted, personality. 
Come out, come out, wherever you are!

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