Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Assignment Write up [4/3/13] - What's Due?

Posted by honesttoblog42 at 4:55 AM
There is a lot due today. Our final projects are due. I have completely finished the Argle Bargle circus except for one specific shot with the lion tamer cracking his whip. I wasn't exactly sure how to animate it in After Effects. I didn't really run into any other technical problems. The only sound I have right now is just my scratch track. There is going to be other sounds that I collect in my sound class. I am going to have my friend Kelly Cook narrate the piece as well as collect some sounds for the crowd and a presence track for outside and under the tent.

We were supposed to do a demo reel edit. Mine is very short. I have two versions because I have one video that was already compressed and I could not find the files to render it as an animation.

This is the reel without that video. However, it is a strong video and it's a shame that I can't use it.

Also due today was our information about our meeting with Carrie Brooks. Unfortunately I didn't manage my time correctly to meet with her yet but I did schedule one. And lastly our final revisions on our resumes are due today.


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